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A Specialist Odour Removal and Disinfection Service

Are you looking for a specialist cleaner to remove that awful odour?

At East Midlands Hygiene Ltd we offer a specialist odour removal service and pet stain removal service. We offer a range of services to tackle a variety of common odours from cigarette smoke to urine and other unpleasant accidents. We are able to leave carpets, soft furnishings and spaces virtually odour free and sanitised. 

Odours and accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. From cigarette smell in your new home to a trip or a fall. Even our pets have accidents from time to time and whilst we try to clear up after them sometimes dried in urine release a very unpleasant smell which can be hard to find and fully treat. 
Finding the contamination and the source of an odour?
Locating the source of the odour can be challenging and most people do not relish crawling around on their hands and knees searching for unpleasant smells. Some odours like cigarette smoke and musty odours can permeate walls, fabrics and anything porous and whilst we can help eliminate odours in carpets and soft furnishings its important to bear in mid other surfaces may need alternative treatments.

For urine odour, we use special dark light technology to search for the urine salts and help locate the source of the problem. When urine dries it becomes visible under powerful UV light. The stains aren’t present to the human eye, but using specialist UV light, we are able to locate the source of the urine.

Many so-called treatments from the supermarkets only touch the surface when it comes to fully removing the urine. We offer a full pet odour removal service below
So what does odour removal & Disinfection involve?
Odours and bodily fluid stains require cleaning and sanitising in different ways and require professional training and correct procedures and equipment to remove the problem.

Whilst some stains or odours may only require minor treatment, say to the top of the carpet or soft furnishings. Some may require more extensive options and if the carpet, underlay and subfloor have been affected by a stain then to fully remove the odour and the bacteria all these areas must be treated to eliminate the problem.

In certain circumstances, we can also carry out fogging with a ULV fogger. this allows microparticles of odour removing products to be fired into porous surfaces, breaking down the odours trapped in other areas other than carpets. Sanitising products with antimicrobial properties can also be used to help in combating infection after an outbreak

We have a range of techniques and services when it comes to odour removal and sanitising. Due to the nature of the problem, an over the phone quote is simply not possible and we always insist on a pre-inspection to ascertain the best course of action and any limitations we may face.

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Specialist Cleaning

We effectively seal the area to be treated, protect electrical and other sensitive areas and apply the Formula solution. This would normally be by a controlled machine or a simple spray wipe. The machine method is called 'Fogging' because it is a fog or mist that is applied to all surfaces.
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We are a property company who need cleaners to operate remotely. We are in Leeds and Midlands Hygiene cover Nottingham. The entire works required had to be described by phone and we had to trust them to do the job as they said they would, on the day they said they would arrive at a specific time. they also trusted us to pay them at the end. They sent photos before and after!! We are delighted with the work they carried out. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Jerry
Lee & Ryan provided a fantastic service from our initial phone conversation right up to when he cleaned our Office. Good guy fantastic service
Fantastic service!!
Carried out a deep clean and fogging.
They explained the steps and how long it would take.
Billed for the quoted amount 5*
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